Easter adventures – South Reunion

There are those friends that make you capable of everything like to camp in the middle of nowhere for the first time in your life with a backpack obviously too heavy for you. And I love them and our adventures ♥

We left Saint-Gilles towards the south of Reunion.

Bassin 17


Picnic lunch with a view

03  01


After passing through Saint-Joseph, we took the direction of the Grand Galet waterfall.


Cascade de Grand Galet

04-3   04-2


We kept follow the road along the river Langevin for a few minutes and then we parked.

Equipped with our backpacks, tents and other essential commodities such as what to make s’mores to eat, we went for a one hour walk.



11  07  08-2

Find a location to install the tents and made a campfire


Wake up early, improvise a yoga session, take a bath in the river

09  08

Meet someone that we know and follow him to drink a real coffee in his survival camp



Go home, tired but happy

Photos by Jen©

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