Bonifacio & Lavezzi Islands – South Corsica




The “Grain de Sable”

B12.JPG B11.JPGB02B01

The port seen from the Upper Town

B08 B07B09

Accessible by the “Grimpette” (meaning “climbing path”, you will understand why)

B10  B05B04

Bonifacio by the sea



Lavezzi Islands


An area of about 200 hectares

L07 L08

Marine Cemetery (shipwreck of the frigate La Sémillante in 1855)

L12 L13

The Lavezzi Archipelago is part of the Bonifacio Nature Reserve

L09 L10

Lunch with such a view ! And Rosé from Corsica !


Caves of Bonifacio

L17  L16

Madonetta lighthouse




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